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How to: Using TPL Dataflow for multithreaded file compression

In this small tutorial I will show you how to use TPL Dataflow  library with a quite trivial task - multithreaded file compression.


We need to implement efficient compression of files using GZipStream  class in the System.IO.Compression namespace. It is assumed that we will compress large files that can not fit entirely in memory. Read the full article...


How to: Using async and await in C # – Best Practices

Async and await keywords, introduced in C # 5.0, greatly simplify asynchronous programming. They also hide some difficulties, if you lose a focus. It can add some problems to your code. The following practices will serve you well if you create asynchronous code for. NET applications. Read the full article...


Threading in .NET guide – Part 1

Hello my dear friend!

I'm starting the collection of articles about threading|multithreading programming in C# .NET.

Why now? I'm really wanted to write such collection year ago but as usually work is on the first place. I've got new experience in programming and ready to give materials for your brain in easiest way. So, please, be patient and I'll give samples to be understandable for beginners and for advanced.

Let's get the party!

Part 1 devoted to the introduction in threading.

I have read a lot of material dedicated to threading in .NET and finally want to share my knowledge and with the same way to learn something new. Next part I plan to give you after new year and can't say for sure it's going to be about. Probably it's going to be about Lifecycle of Threads or Synchronization. Just follow me on Tweeter and you'll be in touch with all updates! Read the full article...