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NSLog – from beginning to advanced.

Hello friends!
First of all thanks to my friends were asking me about NSLog features, so, I decided to write about it.
So, let's get start with introduction where I will describe what is NSLog and basic usage of it.
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Blocks in Objective-C: Part 2. Getting Advanced

BlocksContinuing our serie about blocks in objective-c.

In this part we'll review advanced usage of blocks with arrays, enumerators, recursion and stop to end processing.
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Blocks in Objective-C: Part 1. Introduction

When I have started write my blog my friend asked me if I could write something about blocks in Objective-C. So, time passed, and finally I get closer with blocks, made a review of some articles and now will write a scope af articles about using blocks in objective-c.

In a first look block are looks strange and I'm sure you will ask me why do we need to use blocks?
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