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Working with GPS in WinCE using C#

In this article I want to share with You, my dear reader, the implementation of the GPS data access in devices based on WindowsCE.When I had to create a product Shturman Navigator, it was necessary to develop an application that runs in WinSE 5.0, and in WinCE 6.0, which is able to receive data from the NMEA navigation receiver, and record them to log.

To work with GPS in a WinCE 5.0, and 6.0 is easier to use to work with COM port. So, first of all you need to find on your device, which COM-port provides GPS data. For determining that you can use DeviceManager.

Often manufacturers of a firmware already made sure that COM port of GPS was two. This allows you to separate software that requires a GPS and navigation, so that they were not fighting for access to the COM-port. Suppose that the COM port will be used in exclusive access.
To get NMEA data (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/NMEA_0183), we need just to open the COM port, read data from it, and then close the COM port.
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